Спецкурс Advanced English for Ukrainian Speakers

If you’re interested in this course you probably won’t mind reading a little bit of English ;).

This is the second year we have offered this course, which was developed by our American co-owner, James, specifically to focus on persistent stylistic and grammar issues that confound many, if not all, Ukrainian learners and speakers of English. You may not even realize these problems actually appear in your own speech! Experience has shown, however, that even the most advanced speakers (and many teachers!) pepper their speech with unnatural sounding expressions and grammar constructions that work in Ukrainian, but not in English!

We go above and beyond grammar to focus on stylistic issues – how to speak and use colloquialisms like a native speaker of English!

To get an idea of what you will learn in this class, ask yourself: how would I translate “…як на мене…”? If you said “as for me,” we’ve got some news for you: this is hardly ever used by any native speaker of English! As part of this course students will become acquainted with more natural-sounding equivalents in English for this and many other expressions.

How about пропонувати? Offer, propose, recommend?

When is внутрішній internal? inner? innermost? interior?


The course costs 120 UAH/lesson per persson for a group of 4, 100 UAH for groups of 5 (any more than that and everyone’s learning process takes a hit – don’t bother with those overcrowded, “brand” schools!). The course will commence once we have four interested students, so sign up today – and tell/bring your friends!