Study English the American way at ABC English in Lviv!

We offer English courses at ABC English for students of all levels – from beginners to advanced speakers who want to perfect their speaking skills through conversation practice with a native speaker. We will help you easily overcome the language barrier, improve your accent, and speak English like a native speaker. Still have questions? Get in touch today!

Наші переваги

Professional, Experienced Teachers
All of our teachers hold at least a master’s/specialist degree, take continuing education classes to continuously improve their English skills, and have been tested thoroughly by a native English speaker (the school’s co-director).
Focus on Speaking Practice
All of our students speak with native speakers and teachers whose command of English is near-native on a regular basis
Specialized Courses
We offer proprietary courses designed for advanced speakers and English teachers
Proven ZNO Results
We work with the latest and most effective materials and proven methods to get proven results!